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Ghost Of My Ex lyrics - ABK

Ain't a doctor in the world gotta cure for this,
mind state medicated I'm a psycho, bitch.
All day I'm paranoid and I'm bout to explode,
because the ghost of my ex still want's control.

She comes to visit just to tell me that she's hurt,
and it's my fault, that I'm the the reason that she's in the dirt
(it's because of you)
What a weight to carry on my back,
when it was you who didn't really know how to act, bitch!

I see the ghost of my ex-girlfriend and that bitch still hates me.
(that bitch still hates me)
She always said that I would see her again but this is way to crazy
(that bitch still hates me)
If I treated you better instead of how I did,
would you still be living but this time as a friend
instead of the ghost, of the ex bitch I used to fuck that still hates me
(that bitch still hates me)

I stay awake, with some jager in my energy drink,
contemplating in my mind how this monster fits
And how I could be to blame for her suffer and pain,
that I put this girl through when I treated her strange.
cuz you know we never really got along,
and it always seemed like I was doing her wrong
either one way or another, it was my fault...
That's why I had to let her go or at least I thought...
(but she's still with me)
Come back, saying asking if I still care,
and if I don't I should take my life or just beware...
Like she's a higher power, given me my final hour
wantin me to drop to me knees and go out like a coward
Who the fuck this bitch think I am?
telling me to look deep inside her pentagram
I know she want's to take my soul, and it's just not fair
So, I gotta be prepared if she dare


Did I do it? That bitch stressed to death,
but I did get on the last nerve that she had left.
She should'a never told me that I wouldn't amount,
cause ever standard I see I put up I start breakin it down.
This girl was always on my back tryin'a tell me what to do
Now I'm sitting in the pitch dark lookin like a fool
Now instead of hangin with homies under the deep blue sky
I'm being followed by the spirit of a past stoned love life
(cause she's still with me)
Brain-dead with her wings spread
Clothes still stained, from the blood shed
(she's with me)
Like a shadow that ain't mine, bottom line
wish I could just give her the peace sign

And now we close the gates to hell

[Chorus till end]

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